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Read the Hazardous Substances Update August 2017


 22 August 2017

Read the latest issue of Hazardous Substances Update
Hazardous Substances Update #171 August 2017
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Working Safer Reforms Update

There's lots happening with our reforms as we get ready for the regulatory changes coming into force this December. 

EPA Notices update

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the consultations for our Notices.We reviewed all the submissions carefully. 

Six of our eight new EPA Notices have been finalised and issued by the EPA Board. An amendment notice to the Importer and Manufacturer Notice has also been signed off. These Notices don’t come into effect until 1 December 2017 but are now available for viewing so that you have the most advance notice as possible as you start getting ready for the new regime.

We’ve also updated our website with new information about the changes to the rules set in EPA Notices and when you will need to comply with them. The submissions we received for each consultation document for the Notices will be published next week on our past consultations page.

For more information and to view the published notices see our website.

Hazardous Property Controls Notice and Labelling Notice - to be finalised in September 

The Hazardous Property Controls Notice is a compilation of several different types of rules from various HSNO Regulations and substance approvals. It covers two main areas which are rules that need to be followed:

  • to protect the general public when using and storing hazardous substances in non-workplaces
  • when using and storing hazardous substances that are known to be harmful to the environment (ecotoxic). These rules will apply in both workplaces and non-workplaces.  Many of these rules relate to the use of agrichemicals.

This Notice will be finalised in September 2017, also coming into force on 1 December 2017.

The Labelling Notice will also be approved at the same time as the HPC Notice. Several new labelling statements relating to the use of agrichemicals have been included in the Labelling Notice as a result of the development of the HPC Notice.

Coming soon - updated group standards

We need to update our group standards so that they refer to our EPA Notices and no longer refer to workplace rules that are moving to the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substance) Regulations. By 1 December 2017 we plan to have all of our updated group standards published. In the coming weeks we will be releasing a sample of draft group standards for viewing to allow you to familiarise yourself with what the changes or updates look like.

The updated group standards will have the same:

  • name, but updated year
  • approval number
  • classifications currently covered by the group standard
  • scope restrictions currently in each group standard.

Hazardous substances covered under group standards will have four years to comply with the Labelling, Safety Data Sheet and Packaging Notices.

Recent hazardous substance application and reassessment decisions
Recent decisions for publicly notified applications are listed on the "recent hazardous substances application and reassessment decisions" page of the EPA website as they are released. Below this section is a monthly summary of all hazardous substance applications by calendar month, with the application number linking to the application summary and documents. The decisions for July 2017 are listed below, or you can go to our website to view decisions from previous months. Go to the recent decisions page.

Decisions on Hazardous Substances applications in July 2017
Decisions were made on the following hazardous substances applications in this period:

APP202788 by Environmental Protection Authority to determine if there are grounds for the reassessment of paraquat and all substances containing paraquat or the salts of paraquat.
Decision: Grounds exist for reassessment and decision notified on 3 July 2017

APP202971 by Botry-Zen Limited to manufacture BOTRY-Zen WP as a wettable powder containing the active ingredient Ulocladium oudemansii U3.
Decision:Approved with controls and decision notified on 4 July 2017

APP203100 by STM Group NZ Limited to import Expra Odourless, an automatic dispensing insecticide spray containing pyrethroid insecticidal actives, for commercial and domestic use for the control of a variety of flying and crawling insect pests.
Decision: Declined and decision notified on 6 July 2017

APP203138 by BASF New Zealand Limited to import plant protection compounds, coded named "BASF 1601" for use in trials under containment.
Decision: Approved with Controls and decision notified on 7 July 2017

APP203178 by Kiwicare Corporation Limited to import or manufacture WWs 170, a home and garden use herbicide containing 162 g/L triclopyr butoxyethyl ester for the control of weeds and plants with dense, woody structures.
Decision: Approved with Controls and decision notified on 11 July 2017

APP203226 by Pascoe's Pty Ltd to determine if "HOVEX GERMGARD INSECT CONTROL BOMB" is hazardous.
Decision: Determination Made and decision notified on 26 July 2017

APP203213 by Bayer New Zealand Limited to import coded experimental substances for evaluation in small plot trials conducted under containment.
Decision: Approved with Controls and decision notified on 27 July 2017

Withdrawn hazardous substances applications
No hazardous substance applications, previously notified, were withdrawn in this period.

Amendments to hazardous substances approvals
The following amendments were made under section 67A of the HSNO Act for minor or technical errors, decided by the EPA or the Chief Executive under delegated powers from the EPA during this period.

APP203180 by Department of Conservation - Christchurch Visitor Centre to amend Pre-Made PAPP Stoat Bait (HSC100149) to change the percentages of non-toxic ingredients in the recipe given in appendix 6
Decision: Decision Made and notified on 4 July 2017

APP203181 by Environmental Protection Authority to amend APP203181 (HSC100152) by replacing the word 'salt' with 'ester' in paragraph 1.1 of the decision document
Decision: Decision Made and notified on 18 July 2017

Keep up to date with EPA consultation
You can sign up to receive consultation notifications by subscribing to the EPA's consultation news feed or to receive consultation updates via email. We'll also tweet about any consultation openings and closings. 

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