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Zinc phosphide pest poison approved with controls

11 August 2011 

The Environmental Protection Authority has approved the import and manufacture of a new poison for the ground control of possums.

MZP Paste will be used to target the brush-tail possum.

The application was made by Pest Tech Limited, with support from Connovation Ltd, Lincoln University and the Animal Health Board.

MZP Paste has been designed as an alternative to 1080 and other vertebrate poisons in certain situations.

MZP Paste may be toxic to humans and other vertebrates. Strict conditions have been placed on its use to protect applicators, bystanders and the environment from potential adverse effects arising from use of the substance.

These conditions include requiring operators to obtain permission from the Department of Conservation (for operations carried out on Conservation land) and Ministry of Health to use the substance, ensuring the substance is only handled by trained and licensed users and that MZP Paste is only applied using certain types of bait-stations. It cannot be used for aerial application.


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