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Shell Todd Oil applies for marine consent

18 April 2017

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has received an application from Shell Todd Oil Services for a jack-up rig at its Māui platforms, off the coast of New Plymouth.

Shell Todd Oil Services was granted a marine consent in 2015 to cover its plans for activities at its Māui facilities. It’s now applying for another, to use a jack-up rig for future drilling work.

The rig is a type of drilling platform with extendable legs which connect with the seabed, and can raise or lower the platform to different heights above sea level.

The application also includes a marine discharge consent which, if approved, would set the conditions for the discharge of any harmful substances from the platform.

The application will follow the publicly notified consent process. More information on the process and the statutory timeframes is available here.

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The EPA is responsible for managing the effects of specified, restricted activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf. The area extends from 12 nautical miles to 200 nautical miles (22-370 kilometres) offshore and is about 20 times the size of our land mass.

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