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Felling a giant

17 January 2017
Two insects common around the Mediterranean can now be imported into New Zealand to control the giant reed (Arundo donax), following a decision by the EPA made under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act (1996).

Stockholm Convention Persistent Organic Pollutants and Rotterdam Convention Chemicals

21 December 2016
Two of the UNs agreements that NZ is a party to are: the Stockholm Convention on POPs, & the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals & Pesticides in International Trade.

Read the latest Te Pūtara

19 December 2016
In this issue you can read about our most recent Kāhui Kaumātua hui, our involvement in Fireworks, our participation at the IUCN World Conservation Congress and SETAC Conference, and meet our latest Ngā Kaihautū member and KKT staff members.

The grass is always greener

14 December 2016
New Zealand’s pastures could become more tolerant to disease, pests and drought if an application to release 18 new grass species wins approval. This could improve productivity, increase returns to farmers and enhance the environment.

Report reveals drop in 1080 use

12 December 2016
The total land area treated with 1080 during 2015 was almost two-thirds less than that of 2014. The EPAs 2015 edition of the Annual 1080 Report shows 374,227 hectares were treated with 1080 in 2015, compared with 967,012 hectares in 2014.