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Biological control agents

Biological control is the use of natural enemies (called biological control agents) to reduce populations of pests such as insects and weeds. The biological control agents that we have approved are outlined below. Insect and fungal biological control agents have been approved for release in New Zealand.

Biological control agents approved for use in New Zealand
(listed alphabetically by target pest)

Last updated: September 2015

Biological control agents that have been declined release in New Zealand

  • An application to release Macrolophus pygmaeus as a biological control agent against greenhouse whitefly was declined in April 2014. 
See the application and decision

What information do I need if I want to make an application?

The following publications (produced under the Better Border Biosecurity (B3) science programme) have extensive information about biological control agents, the research process and the type of information you will need to provide if you are making an application: