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Field tests and outdoor developments of genetically modified organisms

In a field test or outdoor development, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are kept within outdoor enclosures where there are physical barriers (such as fences) and operating procedures (such as preventing plants from flowering) to keep the GM plant or animal within its secure enclosure. Such activities are classed as being in containment within approved facilities.

Information on the field tests and outdoor developments of GMOs that have occurred in New Zealand can be found here:

Active field tests and outdoor developments in New Zealand

 The following field test/outdoor developments are currently taking place in New Zealand.

Genetically modified organism
Approval date Approval expiry date

Radiata pine with altered plant growth/biomass acquisition, reproductive    development, herbicide tolerance, utilisable biomass, wood density and           dimensional stability

Approval for the GM pine field test (ERMA200479) (pdf, 325 kb)

Latest Annual Report for this field test (pdf, 90.15 kb)

December 2010

December 2035

Cattle, sheep and goats which therapeutic proteins in milk or have altered levels of endogenous proteins for the study of gene function, milk composition and disease resistance (application ERMA200223)

Approval for the GM cattle, sheep or goats outdoor development (ERMA200223) (pdf, 556 kb) 

Latest Annual Report for this field test (pdf, 690 kb)​

April 2010 April 2030