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Find your new organism application form

There are several different application forms available depending on what you intend to do. If you do not know which application form you need, you can work out which application type you need by answering a series of questions (the Application finder tool).

There are two basic types of new organism applications:
  • application to hold the new organisms in an approved indoor or outdoor containment facility (such as laboratories, glasshouses, zoos or field test sites)
  • application to release the new organism into the environment
There are different application processes depending upon the type of application. For example, certain application types will need to be publicly notified and the public can make submissions about the application. A hearing will be held if requested by a submitter.

Some approvals will have controls imposed limiting how the approval can be used.

Application finder tool

If you do not know which application form you need, use this tool to help you to work it out.

The Application finder tool does not cover the following applications types:

Please note that while we have done our best to ensure that this tool will give you the correct result, we recommend that you check with us before filling in your application form.

List of all applications

If you know what form you need, you can go directly to a list of all new organism application forms and download the document as a Word document or a pdf.  Information you need to know about that application is included on each application page.
If you can't find the application form you are looking for or you are unsure which one you need, please contact us.