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New Organisms

New Zealand's economy relies on organisms that are not native to New Zealand. Think of the humble dairy cow first imported into New Zealand in the early 1800s. But we didn't always get it right, which is why we now have a process to ensure new organisms will benefit New Zealand without harming our environment. ​

About New Organisms

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Do you need approval?

You will need to make an application if the organism you wish to import, develop, field test or release is a living new organism.

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Find your application form

There are several different forms available depending on what you want to do. Use the Application finder tool to find the right one.

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Amend or reassess approvals

Amending or reassessing a new organism approval involves having a second look at an application that has already been approved.



An Institutional Biological Safety Committee is a group of people from an institution that have been delegated to make decisions on low risk genetically modified organisms


Popular new organism topics

Find out more about field tests of genetically modified organisms, or zoo animals, plants and biological control agents that we have approved.

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About New Organisms

The New Organisms team's role is to prevent or manage the adverse effects of new organisms while recognising people's rights to provide for their own well-being.

Have your say

Have your say on applications or policies that are open for public consultation. You can only submit on an application that is notified.

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See if your question can be answered in our list of frequently asked questions. If not, contact us for more information or ask a question online.

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Contact the New Organisms team

Please get in touch with the New Organisms team if you have any questions about any new organism matters.

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