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Certification requirements for LPG

Approved fillers

If you fill any compressed gas containers such as an LPG gas bottles or cylinders you will need to be an approved filler.

Where cylinders are filled at, for example, a service station or LPG refilling facility the LPG Association operates a scheme to train the approved filler.  There is a formal training procedure to follow and the site manager will generally manage the process.
If you receive training in other ways that are not a part of the LPG Association scheme you will need to engage a test certifier approved to issue approved filler test certificates.

Location test certificate for LPG?

 You will need a location test certificate if you are using or storing more than 100 kg of LPG in one location.  However, a site may have more than one location and provided each is less than 100 kg and they are sufficiently far apart a location test certificate may not be required. 

A location test certificate is issued by a test certifier.  You will need to arrange for the test certifier to visit your location.

If you hold less than 300 kg, you will require a location test certificate from a test certifier before commissioning the facility, however, after that your supplier may follow a code of practice and confirm that the facility remains compliant.  You may continue using the services of a test certifier if you wish.

If the quantity at the location exceeds 300 kg, the duration of the test certificate is 12 months.

The guide to a location test certificate sets out the items that the test certifier will examine. ​