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Using and storing

At home

Many of the everyday items we use at home are hazardous substances such as cleaners, paint and fuels.

At work

Hazardous substances are used in over ​150,000 workplaces. Find out how to manage them safely.

Common substances

Information on some of the most common hazardous substances, such as LPG, petrol and diesel.

In the lab

Most laboratories use hazardous substances. Special provisions apply to exempt laboratories.

Key HSNO controls

There are a number of key HSNO controls that users of hazardous substances need to comply with.

Transit depots

Hazardous substances in closed containers may be held in a transit depot for up to three days.

Transporting hazardous substance

The relevant transport rule will identify whether an approved handler is needed

Safety data sheets

Regulations and best practice require that your workplace have a safety data sheet (SDS) available for each hazardous substance present.

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