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Reassessments and reviews of hazardous substances

erasing a mistake

​Here you can find out how to go about requesting a reassessment of the approval for a hazardous substance.

When reassessments are requested, it’s commonly because there is new information indicating that the risks to human health and/or the environment may not be appropriately managed by the existing controls, or because new information is available on the benefits of the substance.

You can also learn how to apply to have a group standard amended, the classification of a substance reviewed, and a minor change made to a hazardous substance approval.

In this section: 

Applying for a reassessment or review

Anyone can apply to have a substance reassessed or reviewed. Learn how to go about this.

Current reassessments

Find out what publicly notified reassessments the EPA is currently working on.

Completed reassessments

Information on completed reassessments and reviews of hazardous substances.

Chief Executive-initiated Reassessments

List of substances for reassessment under the Chief Executive-initiated Reassessment programme (CEIR).

Reviewing cosmetics

Cosmetic products containing hazardous substances are approved and managed under the Cosmetic Products Group Standard.

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