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Importing or exporting ozone depleting substances in New Zealand

The main purpose of the Ozone Layer Protection Act 1996 (OLPA) is to phase out ozone-depleting substances.

Because New Zealand does not produce these substances, we use a system of import controls to meet our obligations in phasing out the use of, and limiting access to, certain products containing these substances. 

You need a permit from us before you can import ozone depleting substances such as methyl bromide, halons or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Import levels for these substances are periodically reduced. Some categories of permit can only be granted to importers who can demonstrate an existing use prior to the introduction of OLPA.  Also, some substances may no longer be imported as they have already been phased out.

 In this section:

Alternative refrigerants to HCFCs

Alternative refrigerants for appliances once HCFCs have been phased out.

Application forms for ozone depleting substances

Relevant forms for import, export, and import exemption permits for ozone depleting substances.

Controls on ozone-depleting substances

The substances phased out, being phased out, or prohibited/controlled for import or export.

Exporting ozone-depleting substances

This page outlines controls placed on the export of ozone depleting substances.

HCFC controls

Provides information about the controls and application procedures for importing HCFCs.

HCFC phase out

HCFC permits ended on 1 January 2015.

Import prohibitions exemptions for ozone-depleting substances

Information about the procedures for granting an exemption to the prohibition on importing ozone-depleting substances.

Importing methyl bromide

This page outlines the controls and application procedures for importing Methyl Bromide under the Ozone Layer Protection Act 1996.

Proper disposal of your refrigerants

If you are recycling, dismantling or repairing an old appliance you need to ensure that ozone depleting gases are not released into the atmosphere.

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