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Buildings, plant and equipment

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If you have buildings, plants and equipment that have hazardous substances inside them, you need to follow the hazardous substance requirements and you may need an approval. The approval may be from us, or by certification from a test certifier.

You need approval for the following:

Buildings for flammable and oxidising substances

Buildings for storing and using flammable or oxidising substances must be fire resistant.

Tanks and stationary container systems

Requirements for stationary containers, secondary containment and below ground tanks.

Tank wagons

Vehicles used to transport liquid or gaseous hazardous substances by road or rail require approval.

Gas cylinders

If you are using and importing gas cylinders or fire extinguishers you must comply with the Compressed Gases Regulations.


Vaporisers that convert liquid hazardous susbtances to gases require approval.


Devices that burn liquid fuels require approval.


Dispensers for fuels such as petrol and LPG require approval.

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