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Surface coatings and colourants

 The surface coatings and colourants group standards include any material used as an adhesive, dye, ink, paint, pigment, or graphic material, including any raw materials used in the manufacture of these materials.

Children’s graphic materials, including crayons, water colour paints and finger paints are covered by the Graphic Materials Group Standard.

Which group standard does your product fit?

Use the following guide to assign a hazardous substance to a group standard.


Record of assigning a product to a group standard (Word, 512 kb)

 Group standards

Combustible HSR002657 (pdf, 300 kb)     
Corrosive HSR002658 (pdf, 291 kb)    
Corrosive, Combustible HSR002659 (pdf, 298 kb)    
Corrosive, Toxic [6.7] HSR002660 (pdf, 313 kb)    
Corrosive, Toxic [6.7], Combustible HSR002661 (pdf, 319 kb)     
Flammable HSR002662 (pdf, 337 kb)    
Flammable, Corrosive HSR002663 (pdf, 328 kb)    
Flammable, Corrosive, Toxic [6.7] HSR002664 (pdf, 331 kb)    
Flammable, Toxic [6.1 + 6.7] HSR002665 (pdf, 335 kb)     
Flammable, Toxic [6.1 + 6.7], Corrosive HSR002666 (pdf, 251 kb)   
Flammable, Toxic [6.1] HSR002667 (pdf, 249 kb)
Flammable, Toxic [6.1], Corrosive HSR002668 (pdf, 334 kb)  
Flammable, Toxic [6.7] HSR002669 (pdf, 344 kb)    
Subsidiary Hazard HSR002670 (pdf, 293 kb)    
Toxic [6.1 + 6.7] HSR002671 (pdf, 314 kb)    
Toxic [6.1 + 6.7], Combustible HSR002672 (pdf, 320 kb)
Toxic [6.1 + 6.7], Corrosive HSR002673 (pdf, 92 kb)     
Toxic [6.1 + 6.7], Corrosive, Combustible HSR002674 (pdf, 324 kb)
Toxic [6.1] HSR002675 (pdf, 311 kb)
Toxic [6.1], Combustible HSR002676
Toxic [6.1], Corrosive HSR002677 (pdf, 312 kb)     
Toxic [6.1], Corrosive, Combustible HSR002678 (pdf, 320 kb)     
Toxic [6.7] HSR002679 (pdf, 307 kb)
Toxic [6.7], Combustible HSR002680 (pdf, 326 kb)    

Site and storage conditions of the group standards

For Flammable Liquids
For Toxic, Corrosive, and Ecotoxic Substances


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