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Cosmetic products group standard

The cosmetic products group standard covers products such as make-up, toiletries, sunscreens, oral hygiene and other personal care products.  

Note: Toothpastes (as long as they contain less than 0.1% H2O2) are covered by the Cosmetic Products Group Standard. If they contain more than 0.1% H2O2 they come under the Dental Products Group Standards.

Which group standard does your product fit? 

Use the following guide to assign a hazardous substance to a group standard.  

Record of assigning a product to a group standard (Word, 512 kb)

Group standard

Cosmetic Products Group Standard (amended July 2012) (pdf, 2.44mb)

Reviewing cosmetics 

Previous versions 

Notification of nanomaterials in cosmetics 

Any person intending to import or manufacture a cosmetic product containing nanoparticles other than zinc oxide or titanium dioxide must, at the time they first import or manufacture the substance, notify the Environmental Protection Authority.  Manufacturers or importers notifying us of nanomaterials in their products must use the following form:

Notification of nanomaterials in cosmetic products (word,  392 kb)

The company name, product name and nanomaterial contained in each notification will be listed here. This information will be updated as notifications come to hand.

The completed notification form should be posted to: EPA, P.O. Box 131, Wellington 6140, New Zealand, or emailed to:


 Site and storage conditions of the group standards

For Class Flammable Liquids (pdf, 358 kb)
For Toxic, Corrosive, and Ecotoxic Substances (pdf, 161 kb)


To Site and Storage Conditions for Flammable Liquids (pdf, 74 kb)







Labelling - hazards and precautionary information (pdf, 387 kb)


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