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Corrosion inhibitors group standards

Any new hazardous substance that fits the criteria for a group standard is automatically deemed an approved substance. The criteria set the allowed use and hazard parameters of the group standard, and may also set other limitations.

What substances are these group standards for?

The corrosion inhibitors group standards are for materials used to stop or slow down the corrosion of metals and metal alloys, including anti-rust products, rust preventatives, film-formers, oxygen scavengers and corrosion inhibitor additives.

Which group standard does your product fit?

Use the following guide to assign a hazardous substance to a group standard.

Record of assigning a product to a group standard (Word, 512 kb)

Group standards

Combustible HSR002546 (pdf, 273 kb)    
Corrosive HSR002547 (pdf, 268 kb)
Flammable HSR002548 (pdf, 308 kb)    
Subsidiary Hazard HSR002549 (pdf, 270 kb)    
Toxic [6.1] HSR002550 (pdf, 282 kb)    
Toxic [6.7] HSR002551 (pdf, 289 kb)     

Site and storage conditions for the group standards

For Flammable Liquids (pdf, 358 kb)


To Site and Storage Conditions for Flammable Liquids (pdf, 74 kb)


Labelling - hazards and precautionary information (pdf, 387 kb)

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