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Additives, process chemicals and raw materials group standards

The additives, process chemicals and raw materials group standards are for products that are used in the manufacture or processing of other products.

An additive is any material added to another chemical or mixture of chemicals to change, improve or enhance its properties, characteristics or performance and includes process regulators, preservatives and surface-active agents.

Process chemicals are materials used to regulate the speed of a chemical process.

A raw material means any material used in the manufacture of a product, and includes intermediates.

Which group standard does your product fit?

Use the following guide to assign a hazardous substance to a group standard.

Record of assigning a product to a group standard (Word, 512 kb)

Group standards

Combustible HSR002490 (pdf, 294 kb)
Corrosive HSR002491  (pdf, 291 kb)   
Corrosive, Combustible HSR002492 (pdf, 291 kb)
Corrosive, Toxic [6.7] HSR002493 (pdf, 313 kb)
Corrosive, Combustible, Toxic [6.7] HSR002494 (242 kb)
Flammable HSR002495 (pdf, 331 kb)   
Flammable, Corrosive HSR002496 (pdf, 319 kb)
Flammable, Corrosive, Toxic [6.7] HSR002497 (pdf, 252 kb)
Flammable, Toxic [6.1 + 6.7] HSR002498 (pdf, 329 kb)
Flammable, Toxic [6.1 + 6.7], Corrosive HSR002499 (pdf, 330 kb)
Flammable, Toxic [6.1] HSR002500 (pdf, 324 kb)
Flammable, Toxic [6.1], Corrosive HSR002501 (pdf, 327 kb)   
Flammable, Toxic [6.7] HSR002502 (pdf, 336 kb)
Subsidiary Hazard HSR002503 (pdf, 289 kb)
Toxic [6.1 + 6.7] HSR002504 (pdf, 313 kb)
Toxic [6.1 + 6.7], Combustible HSR002505 (pdf, 314 kb)
Toxic [6.1 + 6.7], Corrosive HSR002506 (pdf, 314 kb)
Toxic [6.1 + 6.7], Corrosive, Combustible HSR002507 (pdf, 318 kb)
Toxic [6.1] HSR002508 (pdf, 310 kb)
Toxic [6.1], Combustible HSR002509 (pdf, 308 kb)
Toxic [6.1], Corrosive HSR002510 (pdf, 312 kb)
Toxic [6.1], Corrosive, Combustible HSR002511 (pdf, 314 kb)
Toxic [6.7] HSR002512 (pdf, 312 kb) 
Toxic [6.7], Combustible HSR002513 (pdf, 320 kb)

Site and storage conditions of the group standards

For Flammable Liquids (pdf, 358 kb)
For Toxic, Corrosive, and Ecotoxic Substances (pdf, 161 kb)


 To site and storage conditions for flammable liquids (pdf, 74 kb)


Labelling - hazards and precautionary information (pdf, 387 kb)

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