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About the New Zealand Inventory of Chemicals (NZIoC)

The NZIoC is a database of all the hazardous chemical components of products approved under group standards. (Non-hazardous chemicals are not required to be listed.)

Many group standards require the hazardous components of products covered under these approvals to be listed on the NZIoC.

If you have a new product, you can check the list to see if you comply with the group standard condition. 

You can download a spreadsheet of the full NZIoC listings here:  

 NZIoC spreadsheet (excel, 6.7Mb)

Notifing a new chemical 

When you must notify ​

You must notify a new chemical component when the substance containing the new chemical is first imported or manufactured in New Zealand.

How to notify​

Complete the application form below and send it to us:  

Download application form

Sending in the f​​orm​


Inventory of Chemicals
Environmental Protection Authority
​Private Bag 63002
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

We'll acknowledge your notification within 15 working days of receiving it.

Learn more about what needs to be notified

For more detailed information on what needs to be notified, see the NZIoC Policies and Procedures document:

NZIoC Operational Policies and Procedures (pdf, 128 kb)​​

Updates to the NZIoC

The NZIoC is updated regularly with new chemicals that have been notified and verified.

Recent updates to the NZIoC (June 2017) (excel, 74kb)

You can re​​​gister via the Interested Parties' List to receive an email when there is an update​​ to the inventory. ​

What does '​​​inventory status' mean?

Chemicals listed on the NZIoC have been given an inventory 'status'. There are three options:

A. Where a substance has an individual HSNO approval. The HSNO approval code will be displayed.

B. The substance is present in New Zealand in its own right but does not have an individual approval. These substances can be used as single component products under an appropriate group standard approval. For example, CAS 100085-40-3.

C. The substance can only be used as a component in a product assigned to a group standard approval. It cannot be used as a product in its own right. For example, CAS 1000-90-4.

For A and B: The chemical can be used as a single chemical or as a component in a product included under a group standard approval.

For C: The chemical can only be used as a component in a product included under a group standard. Import and manufacture of the pure chemical may require an application for individual approval.

 Why are some non-hazardous chemicals on the NZIoC?​

When the NZIoC was created, ERMA did not have hazard data on many chemicals so did not know if they were hazardous or non-hazardous. The decision was made to list all chemicals at that time. However, it is not mandatory to list non-hazardous chemicals.