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More about group standards

Are the group standards generic?

Different types of products with different uses can be approved under generic group standards. For example, the aerosol group standards include aerosol paints and aerosol cleaners.

How are substances approved through a group standard?

Any new substance that fits the criteria of a group standard is automatically deemed an approved substance under the Hazardous Substance and New Organisms (HSNO) Act.

How are the substances managed under a group standard?

The substances within a group standard are managed by one set of conditions, which determine how they are able to be used. The conditions manage the risks posed by the substances.

How are group standards established?

A group standard is established by notice in the Gazette following public notification and consultation, and is published in relevant industry publications.

What about substances not covered by a group standard?

If a new hazardous substance does not fit the criteria of any existing group standard, an application for approval to import or manufacture that substance must be made.

The application can be for:
  • the substance
  • a new group standard, or
  • an amendment to a group standard to include the substance.
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