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Hazardous Substances

From petrol and LPG to toothpaste and fireworks, there are more than 100,000 hazardous substances in common use in the home, at work and in public places. All new hazardous substances need an approval.  Find out if your substance is hazardous, approved for use, and how to use and store it safely.

About hazardous substances
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About hazardous substances

What is a hazardous substance? Find out whether your substance is hazardous, if it has or needs an approval, and what to do.

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Popular topics

Read about issues and developments in hazardous substances that are topical right now.​​​

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HSNO reform

The rules for using hazardous substances in the workplace are moving into the new Health and Safety at Work Act and Regulations.

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Approvals and group standards

How to find a group standard, make an application; or apply to reassess or amend an existing approval.

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Importing and manufacturing

Requirements for importing and manufacturing hazardous substances.

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Reassessments and reviews

Request a reassessment of the approval for a hazardous substance; apply to have a group standard amended, classification reviewed, or minor change made to an approval.

Consumer information - using hazardous substances safely

Staying safe with hazardous substances in your home

Many of the everyday items we use are hazardous substances, such as cleaners, paint and fuels. Find out how to look after yourselves.

Ozone depleting substances

The procedures for obtaining permits for the import and export of ozone-depleting substances under the Ozone Layer Protection Act 1996.

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Hazardous waste

Information about the process and requirements for obtaining permits for the import and export of hazardous waste.

EPA Notices

EPA Notices in Force

These notices make new rules to manage the risks of hazardous substances.

Import permits for asbestos-containing products

Import permits for asbestos-containing products

A permit must be obtained from the EPA before an asbestos-containing product can be imported.