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Taking part in the ETS

This section contains information about the different sectors who participate directly in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. ​​​

Agriculture and Fishing

Primary Industries

Information about agriculture, forestry and fishing in the ETS

Guidance for ETS Participants

Guidance for Participants

Guidance for ETS participants including information about emissions reporting, surrendering units, compliance and UEFs

Industrial allocations

Industrial allocations

Information about all aspects of Industrial Allocation including eligibility, how to apply, past decisions and FAQs.


Industrial Processes

Industrial process emissions occur when materials are transformed from one substance to another in an industrial setting.

Liquid fossil fuels

Liquid fossil fuels

Information for owners, importers and large purchasers of liquid fossil fuels such as petrol, jet fuel and fuel oils.

Stationary energy

Stationary Energy

New Zealand is in a unique situation because most of our electricity is generated from renewable sources.

Synthetic Greenhouse Gases

Synthetic greenhouse gases

HFCs and PFCs which are mainly used in the refrigeration, air-conditioning, aerosol, fire protection and foam-blowing industries.



Information for operators of disposal facilities which include a landfill that operates as a business to dispose of waste



Information for growers of fresh cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, fresh capsicums and cut roses about Industrial Allocations under the ETS