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2014 Industrial Allocation Decisions

New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme 2014 final allocations for eligible activities

Applicant's Name  2014 Final Unit Entitlement:
Aluminium smelting
New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited 755,987
Burnt lime
Holcim (New Zealand) Limited 9,449
McDonald's Lime Limited 128,973
Perry Lime Limited 976
Websters Hydrated Lime Company Limited 3,169
Ballance Agri-Nutrients (Kapuni) Limited 198,469
Carbon steel from cold ferrous feed
Fletcher Steel Limited 50,488
Pacific Steel (NZ) Limited 9,342
Whakatane Mill Limited 79,866
Caustic soda
Carter Holt Harvey Pulp & Paper Limited 9,474
Cementitious products
Fletcher Concrete and Infrastructure Limited 322,430
Holcim (New Zealand) Limited 183,263
Clay bricks and field tiles
CSR Building Products (NZ) Ltd 2,418
Cut roses
Franko Roses New Zealand Limited 57
Moffatts Flower Company Limited 884
Paul Gregory Whitehead, John Hamilton Charles Falloon 45
Riverland Nurseries Limited 378
Royal Roses Limited 42
S & D Stocks 53
Shipherd Nurseries Limited 939
Theodorus Nicolaas Maria Jordens, Elisabeth Margi Jordens 20
Van Lier Nurseries Limited 577
Van Berlo Limited 158
Anchor Ethanol Limited 6,191
Fresh capsicums
Flat-Tac Capsicums Limited 162
Gourmet Mokai Limited 1,875
Gourmet Paprika Limited 3,300
Gourmet Waiuku Limited  1,308
Harbour Head Growers Limited 138
Homestead Produce Limited 643
J.S. Ewers Limited 613
M & T Matthews Partnership 21
Poppas Peppers 2009 Limited 240
Sinai Hort Limited 377
Southern Paprika Limited 6,351
Taaza Green Limited 76
Under Glass (Bombay) Limited 884
Whakatane Growers Limited 872
Fresh cucumbers
Exception Limited 3,018
Hanna Hothouses Limited 207
Island Horticulture Limited 759
Karaka Park Produce Limited 529
M & T Matthews Partnership 22
R K & M D Sharma 1,423
Sharma Produce Limited 540
Under Glass (Bombay) Limited 1,587
Fresh tomatoes
A J & J E Ivicevich 147
Castle Rock Orchard Limited 316
Edward Malcolm Duncan & Desma Claire Duncan 15
Gourmet Mokai Limited 1,907
Graeme David Fair & Ann Christine Fair 6
Great Lake Tomatoes Limited 2,349
Hanna Hothouses Limited 638
J.S. Ewers Limited 2,775
Karamea Tomatoes Limited 165
Kingbridge Limited 67
Lee Wang Hothouse Limited 40
Lycopene Fresh Vegefruit Ltd 31
MA & AM & EM Sanders Partnership 254
New Zealand Fresh Floria Limited 48
Nortonta Limited 440
P H Kinzett Limited 884
P J & M J Fausett Partnership 96
Pomoana Gardens Limited 141
Status Produce Limited 6,924
Rembrandt van Rijen Limited 1,423
Reupena Kovati & Eseta Kovati 28
TA & DM Turner 20
Tiny Toms Limited 62
Under Glass (Bombay) Limited 1,178
Under Glass (Karaka) Limited 4,314
Vege Fresh Growers Limited 365
Wa Chit Chan & Lai Ying Cuby Ng Partnership 37
Won Ha Park and Ji-Im Park 34
GELITA NZ Limited 2,917
Glass containers
ACI Operations New Zealand Limited 35,515
Hydrogen peroxide
Evonik Peroxide Limited 11,212
Iron and steel from iron sand
New Zealand Steel Development Limited 1,073,489
Fonterra Limited 26,109
Market pulp
Carter Holt Harvey Pulp & Paper Limited 147,321
Pan Pac Forest Products Limited 122,535
Winstone Pulp International Limited 87,006
Methanex New Zealand Limited 777,432
Norske Skog Tasman Limited 124,989
Packaging and industrial paper
Carter Holt Harvey Limited 19,647
Carter Holt Harvey Pulp & Paper Limited 124,614
Protein meal
AFFCO New Zealand Limited 6,639
Alliance Group Limited 6,305
Blue Sky Meats (N.Z.) Limited 427
CMP Canterbury Limited 5,407
Graeme Lowe Protein Limited 5,752
Hawkes Bay Protein Limited 2,915
Kakariki Proteins Limited 1,056
Keep It Clean Limited 2,092
Prime Range Meats Limited 65
PVL Proteins Limited 2,010
Silver Fern Farms Limited 4,343
Taranaki By Products Limited 8,501
Taylor Preston Limited 1,193
Tegel Foods Limited 927
Value Proteins Limited 1,182
Wallace Corporation Limited 8,016
Reconstituted wood panels
Carter Holt Harvey Limited 734
Daiken New Zealand Limited 9,093
Dongwha Patinna NZ Limited 8,673
Fletcher Building Products Limited 1,816
Juken New Zealand Limited 4,196
Nelson Pine Industries Limited 14,748
Tissue paper
Asaleo Care New Zealand Limited 18,064
Whey powder
Fonterra Limited 830