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Industrial allocations

An Industrial Allocation is an allocation of units which is given to a business carrying out an activity which is recognised as being impacted by the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme​ (ETS). The purpose of Industrial Allocations is to mitigate this impact and ensure that no part of the economy is unfairly affected.

Businesses in this category are termed Emissions Intensive and Trade Exposed. This means that they need a lot of power to support their production, which may cost more because of the ETS. However they are not able to pass on this increased cost to their customers due to the level of competition in the market from other businesses who may not face the same costs (including overseas suppliers).

How to apply

Information about how to apply for an industrial allocation including application types, important dates and record keeping requirements


Information about which activities are eligible for an Industrial Allocation, including details of prescribed products and associated allocative baselines.


Details of allocation decisions and allocations made to applicants, broken down by year and sector.

FAQs: Industrial allocations

Frequently asked questions about Industrial Allocations and the application process

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