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Learn about the new register

The Environmental Protection Authority is in charge of administering New Zealand's Emissions Trading Scheme

As part of this, we’ve developed a new emissions register – called the New Zealand Emissions Trading Register (NZETR) - to make it easier to record, track, manage and report on carbon units, emissions and removals. 

UPDATE: 3 October 2016 

Contact us if you need a new migration code 

All the migration codes we sent to let people transfer to the new register have now expired. 

If you didn’t use yours in time, you’ll have to contact us on 0800 CLIMATE (0800 254 628) to get a new one emailed to you. 

When you call, select Option 2, and be prepared to answer some security questions to confirm your identity. ​

​Making the ETS easier for you

The new Register is designed to make it easier for you to take part in the Emission Trading Scheme. 

It will look a bit different, but the processes you need to work through will be very similar to what you are used to in the NZEUR

Watch the video to see how it will work for you. 


Whether you’re a business owner or representative, a professional adviser, or a trader - everyone involved in New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme will be switched over to using the new system.

It’ll be easier and more intuitive to use, and it will help people make sure their ETS activities are completed on time and are up to date.

Main changes

These are the main changes that people will see.

  • It will look different and have a new name and address. The address of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Register will be

  • It will be built around the user – the Account Holder. Account Holders will have their own ‘My Tasks’ pages that shows them the status of all their activities.

  • Instead of a lot of static forms, processes in the new system are online, with automated features that help step you through each stage. You’ll be able to pause, save, or print when you want to.

  • You will receive secure messages online from within the system.

  • You will use a RealMe log-in to access the new system. RealMe is a secure log-in for over 50 government online services. We will help you through this change.