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Emissions Trading Scheme and Register

The New Zealand Government has made a long-term commitment to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Our primary method for doing this is the Emissions Trading Scheme. The EPA administers the scheme and operates the Emission Unit Register, where transactions take place.​​

How the emission unit register works
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Learn about the new register

We are building a new emissions register. Read the latest about this project.

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Reports and information

Data from the NZEUR, including transaction trends and historical data, Annual ETS reports, annual emissions data for each activity in the ETS, voluntary unit cancellation information.

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About the ETS

The Emissions Trading Scheme is New Zealand's primary response to global climate change. It puts a price on greenhouse gases to provide an incentive to reduce emissions, invest in energy efficiency, and plant trees.

ETS newsletters

ETS newsletters

Read the latest ETS updates and newsletters.

Contact us about ETS

Contact ETS

Please get in touch with the ETS team if you have any questions about the Emissions Trading Scheme or the New Zealand Emission Unit Register.


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