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Consultation on Stockholm Persistent Organic Pollutants and Rotterdam Chemicals

27 September 2016​

The EPA is consulting on proposals to add new persistent organic pollutants (POPs) to Schedule 2A of the Ha​zardous Substances and New Organisms Act (HSNO Act) 1996.

The discussion document also covers changes to the Schedules of the Imports and Exports (Restrictions) Prohibition Order (No 2) 2004 to include the new POPs and chemicals added to the Rotterdam Convention.  

We also propose making minor amendments to the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (Exemptions and Prohibited Substances) Regulations 2011 (ACVM Regulations), administered by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

New Zealand is a party to two United Nations agreements: the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (Stockholm Convention) and the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade (Rotterdam Convention). The parties to both conventions meet every two years and may decide to add new chemicals to those subject to the conventions. 

A number of chemicals recently added to both conventions have not yet been included in New Zealand’s domestic law. To ensure New Zealand complies with its international obligations, the amendments are required to the relevant New Zealand law. 

This consultation is being undertaken jointly by the EPA) the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry for Primary Industries. The EPA has responsibility for consulting on changes to the HSNO schedules while the other agencies are responsible to consulting on the I&E Order and the ACVM Regulations. You only have to make one submission, which will be considered by  all three agencies. 

The submission documents are: 

Updating New Zealand’s Implementation of the Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions (731 kb)

Submission form (Word version) (1002 kb)

Submission form (PDF version) (731 kb)

Please submit your comments no later than 9am, 27 October 2016 by email to​


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