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Consultations currently open for submissions

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Submissions sought on fungicide for onion mildew

23 July 2015 - 3 September 2015
The EPA is calling for submissions on an application for release of Du Pont Zorvec Enicade Fungicide.

Submissions sought on herbicide with two new active ingredients

8 June 2015 - 20 July 2015
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is calling for submissions on an application for release of the herbicide GF-2687.

Submissions sought on Callisto

28 April 2015 - 10 June 2015
The EPA is calling for submissions on a modified reassessment of the herbicide Callisto. This is an already-approved herbicide, which contains the active ingredient mesotrione.

New rules for importers and manufacturers

16 March 2015 - 28 April 2015
We are inviting people to have a say on new rules that would require everyone who makes or imports a hazardous substance to supply their contact information to the EPA.

Submission sought on application to release honeysuckle stem-boring beetle Oberea shirahatai – APP202396

3 March 2015 - 16 April 2015
The EPA invites submissions on an application to release the honeysuckle stem-boring beetle Oberea shirahatai, as part of a biological control programme against the weed Japanese honeysuckle.