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What we do

flammable gas

We administer applications for major infrastructure projects of national significance, and regulate new organisms (plants, animals, GM organisms) and hazardous substances and chemicals.

We also administer the Emissions Trading Scheme and operate New Zealand's Emissions Trading Register. We manage the environmental impact of specified activities in the EEZ, including prospecting for petroleum and minerals, seismic surveying and scientific research. 

Watch a video about our role: From Dawn to Dusk


Hazardous substances and new organisms

We regulate the introduction and use of hazardous substances and new organisms.

Nationally significant proposals

We facilitate the decision-making process for proposals of national significance under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Emissions Trading Scheme

We administer the Emissions Trading Scheme and operate the Emissions Unit Registry.

Exclusive Economic Zone

We manage the effects of specified restricted activities in the EEZ and Continental Shelf.

Legislation and regulations

Read more about the Acts and regulations we operate under.

Enforcement and compliance

Our compliance approach, enforcement responsibilities and prosecution policy. How to report possible non-compliance. Technical guide for HSNO enforcement agencies.

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