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Have your say on applications or issues

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We are New Zealand's environmental regulator. We manage applications and proposals for a wide range of activities that affect the environment – including:

  • projects that are considered nationally significant
  • areas in the Exclusive Economic Zone
  • the importation, manufacture, use and storage of hazardous substances (including the development of codes of practice and group standards, and reassessments of controls)
  • the importation, development, field testing and release of new organisms.

Putting in a submission

You can contribute towards the decision making for an application that is of interest to you by writing a submission. If a hearing is held for the application, you may choose to attend and speak about your submission.

It’s what your submission says that is most important – not how many people say the same thing. The quality of the information you provide helps the decision-making committee understand the issues. 

Watch a video about our submissions process

In this section:

Make a submission

A submission needs to be made in writing. You can either use your own submission form or download and use our submission form.

Preparing a submission

Guidelines for writing a submission; what information you must include; what keeping your contact details confidential means.

What is a hearing?

A hearing is a formal meeting where submitters and applicants are able to present their views to the decision-making committee.

What is a submission?

Submissions are a way you can contribute towards the decision-making process for an application.

Stay up to date

There are a number of ways you can keep up to date with our latest applications and decisions.

How to write a submission

A submission is a way you can contribute towards the decision making for the application you're interested in.

How decisions are made

Read more about how decisions are made, either by us or independent decision-making bodies.

Definitions of terms

There are a number of terms you may encounter when having your say to the EPA. The definitions here will help you understand what they mean.

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