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About us

We protect people and the environment by delivering robust, objective decisions on environmental matters, and ensuring compliance with rules. We actively work with others to achieve good outcomes and recognise the unique relationship of Māori to the environment in our decision making.

What we do
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Who we are

We are the government agency responsible for regulatory functions concerning New Zealand's environmental management.

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What we do

We administer the Emissions Trading Scheme and applications for projects of national significance. We regulate new organisms and hazardous substances, and activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone.


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Corporate publications

Read our Statements of intent, annual reports, CEO's expenses and briefings to the incoming Minister.

Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring reports on the use of hazardous substances and new organisms, and 1080 watch list.


Fees and charges

Fees for hazardous substances and new organisms applications, certificates, and licences.

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International obligations

New Zealand is party to international agreements, with potential relevance to applicants.

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Have your say

Submissions are a way you can contribute towards decision making.


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