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About the proposal

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) lodged an application for six notices of requirement and 25 resource consents ("the matters") with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) on 14 December 2016.

These matters related to the proposed Northern Corridor Improvements in Auckland.

The Northern Corridor Improvements (NCI) proposal provides the final motorway connection for the Western Ring Route Project. It includes direct motorway interchange connections between State Highway 1 (SH1) and State Highway 18 (SH18), and capacity and safety improvements on SH1 between Constellation Drive and Oteha Valley Road, and on SH18 between SH1 and Albany Highway. The proposal also includes an extension of the Northern Busway from Constellation Drive to the Albany Bus Station, reconfiguration of Constellation Bus Station, and the addition of shared use paths along the length of the proposal area.

The Northern Corridor Improvements proposal comprises:

  • SH1 widened to include extra general traffic lanes in each direction between Upper Harbour Highway (Constellation) and Greville Road;

  • A new dual direction busway adjacent to the southbound carriageway shoulder of SH1; 

  • Northern Busway extended from Constellation Bus Station, further north to Albany Bus Station;

  • A new off-road shared-use pedestrian/cycleway adjacent to the southbound carriageway of the Northern busway extension;

  •  SH18 upgraded to full motorway standard from the Albany Highway interchange to SH1, with a motorway to motorway connection to SH1 (north facing SH1 – SH18 ramps only);

  • Direct connection of Paul Matthew Road to Upper Harbour Highway;

  • Local road intersection improvements; and

  • A new off-road shared-use pedestrian/cycle way initially tracking from Albany Highway along SH18 and up the length of SH1 to Oteha Valley Road.

In total, the matters lodged for the consenting and designation of the Northern Corridor Improvements Proposal are:

  • Six notices of requirements

  • 25 resource consents

A full list of the notices of requirements and resource consents being sought is set out in the application.

The full application

The full application and additional information about the notices of requirement and each resource consent matter lodged with the EPA by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) is available on their website:

NZTA's website (links to an external website)

Recommendation and Direction

  • The EPA's Recommendation to the Minister for the Environment (Hon Dr Nick Smith) was made on 22 December 2016.
  • The Minister made his Direction referring the Northern Corridor Improvements proposal to a Board of Inquiry on 8 February 2017.

You can read the EPA's recommendation here:

NCI EPA Recommendation (pdf, 2 mb)

You can read the Ministerial Direction here: 

NCI Ministerial Direction (pdf, 92 kb)