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Northern Corridor Improvements proposal

Northern Corridor Improvements proposal

​NZTA’s application for notices of requirement and resource consents for the Northern Corridor Improvements proposal.

Latest Update - 15 August 2017

Published 14/08/2017 at 2:38 pm

The Northern Corridor Improvements proposal hearing has now concluded. The Board of Inquiry has adjourned the hearing to allow for outstanding matters raised in the hearing to be resolved. The Board have given the parties a timeframe of Friday to resolve these matters, after which they will formally close the hearing.

In this section: 

About the proposal

Find out more about the NZTA's Northern Corridor Improvements proposal.

Notification and submissions

Read about notification and submissions

Board of Inquiry procedures

The Board of Inquiry has issued their Inquiry Procedures.

About the Board

Learn about the Board of Inquiry members.

From the Board

Read correspondence from and to the Board, including Board directions, memoranda and meeting minutes.

Reports and advice

Read reports and advice here


Read evidence from the applicant and submitters here.


Read information about the hearing, daily transcripts and proceedings here.

Previous updates

Read previous updates containing important notices relating to the Northern Corridor Improvements proposal.

Contact us

Contact the EPA’s Northern Corridor Improvements team for more information about the process.