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Information for submitters

After a matter has been lodged with us and we have made our recommendation to the Minister for the Environment, the Minister may choose to refer the matter to a board of inquiry, or the Environment Court.

Alternatively, if it is determined that the matter is not of national significance, it may be referred back to the local authority for determination at that level. They will then notify and call for submissions.

If the Minister determines that the matter is of national significance, we  publicly notify the matter and a call for submissions is made. Anyone can make a submission on the matter.

A submission can be:

  • in support
  • in opposition
  • support some parts and oppose other parts
  • neither support or oppose but are just making a neutral submission with information you would like to be considered.

If the Minister has directed the matter to be referred to Environment Court, we hand the proposal over to them once the submission period has closed. If the Minister has directed the matter to be dealt with by a board of inquiry, we will facilitate the process until a determination on the application has been made by the board.

How to write a submission

Information on how to write an effective submission, how to lodge your submission and about speaking at hearings.


A board of inquiry is required to hold a hearing to consider a matter unless neither the applicant or any submitter wants to be heard

Environmental Legal Assistance Fund

The Environmental Legal Assistance Fund provides not-for-profit groups with financial assistance to advocate for an environmental issue of public interest in resource management cases

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