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About resource management

EPA manages the decision making process for proposals of national significance under the Resource Management Act 1991. 

Matters lodged may include:

  • applications for resource consent

  • a request for the preparation of a regional plan (other than a regional coastal plan)

  • a request for a change to a plan

  • an application for a change to or cancellation of conditions of a resource consent

  • a notice of a requirement for a designation or to alter a designation

  • a notice of requirement for a heritage order or to alter a heritage order.

All other matters under the Resource Management Act are managed by the Ministry for the Environment. See:

Policies and guides

We have created a tool kit to assist potential applicants and submitters, including forms and guides around the process

What is national significance?

The Minister determines whether a proposal is of national significance and directs it either to a Board of Inquiry or the Environment Court.

How we work with councils

When a matter has been lodged with us, affected councils must be involved in the process

Boards of inquiry

The Minister for the Environment can refer a matter to an independent board of inquiry and will appoint the board to consider the matter

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