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The decision

The Decision-making Committee (DMC) appointed by the EPA Board to determine the marine consent application by STOS Ltd has delivered its decision.

Shell Todd Oil Services Ltd Ruru-2 and Maui-8 Decision - Revision 1 (pdf, 1 mb)

*A minor correction to the decision was made on 24 September 2014 under section 84 of the EEZ Act. The correction was to section 16 on page 75 and removed an incorrect reference to the Petroleum Exploration Permit and replaced it with the correct reference to the relevant Petroleum Exploration Permit and Petroleum Mining Licence.

The DMC, having regard to the best available information, has issued a decision setting out its reasons for granting the consent.

In making its decision, the DMC took into account the decision-making criteria and applied the information principles of the EEZ Act. It addressed the effects of the proposal on the environment and on existing interests, using what it determined was the best available information. The extent to which imposing conditions might avoid, remedy or mitigate the adverse effects was also determined.


STOS Marine Consent EEZ0201STO

 The EPA has issued the following marine consent subject to the conditions contained within Schedule 2.

 Shell Todd Oil Services Ltd Marine Consent - EEZ0201STO (pdf, 256kb)  

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