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Have a say on a current application

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Non-notified marine consents

Non-notified marine consent applications are not publicly notified and the EPA can’t receive submissions or consider information provided by the public.

Publicly notified marine consents

Anyone can make a submission on a publicly notified marine consent application. 

The public is notified of the application either directly by post or email if the EPA thinks you may be affected by the application, or by a public notice in the daily newspapers in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, and the region where the proposed activity would take place. The public notice states where you can read a copy of the application, including the EPA offices and website, and in other places, such as public libraries.

Find out about publicly notified marine consents that are open for submissions.

The publicly notified marine consent application process includes acceptance of the application, public notification, submissions, a hearing, and consideration of the application. The EEZ Act sets out the timeframes for these stages.

Find out the timeframes for a publicly notified marine consent application.

Making your submission

What you need to know to make a submission on a consent application.

What happens at a marine consent hearing

What happens at a marine consent hearing and how to speak at the hearing.