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Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd: Application for marine consent

Chatham Rock Phosphate - image of minerals and rocks.


Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd (CRP) is proposing to mine phosphate nodules from the Chatham Rise, initially within an 820 sq. km area for which it has a mining permit. In the future, mining may also occur in a wider 10,192 sq. km area, dependent on monitoring results and environmental investigations. CRP is seeking a marine consent from the EPA in relation to the wider area (10,192 sq. km). CRP proposes to mine at least 30 sq. km of seabed per annum to meet its annual minimum production target of 1.5 million tonnes of phosphate nodules.

Latest updates

19 September 2014

DMC minute (M16)

The DMC have issued minute 16 (M16) regarding evidence and the hearing. You can view the minute using the link below.

Updated Hearing Procedures and DMC Interest Register

The DMC have updated the Hearing Procedures and the DMC Interest Register. You can view the updated documents using the link below.

18 September 2014

Evidence and Memorandum of Counsel

The EPA has received evidence and a Memorandum of Counsel from the Crown regarding marine mammals and an addendum to their evidence on conditions. You can view these documents (Evidence documents 23 and 24) using the links below.

17 September 2014

Indicative hearing schedule available

An indicative hearing schedule is now available. You can view the schedule using the link below.

The DMC has received a Memorandum of Counsel (MoC) on behalf of Greenpeace, KASM and the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition. You can view the MoC using the link below.

16 September 2014

Memoranda of Counsel

The DMC has received Memoranda of Counsel (MoC) from CRP, the Crown, and Hokotehi Moriori Trust. You can view the MoC using the link below:

Expert witness evidence requested by the DMC

The DMC commissioned an expert witness to comment on the potential ecotoxicological effects in relation to the CRP application. This piece of evidence is now available at the link below.

12 September 2014

Submitter expert witness evidence

The EPA received expert witness evidence on 12 September 2014 from submitters to the CRP application. You can view the evidence using the link below.

Submitter non-expert witness evidence

The EPA received submitter non-expert witness evidence on 12 September 2014 in relation to the CRP application. It can be viewed using the link below.

Expert witness evidence requested by DMC

The DMC commissioned expert witnesses to comment on the CRP application. This evidence was received on 12 September 2014 and can be viewed using the link below.

DMC Minute 15

The DMC has issued a minute (M15) in reply to CRP’s Memorandum of Counsel 06 that requested the DMC withdraw the EPA staff report.

11 September 2014

Updated expert conferencing schedule

The Decision-making Committee (DMC) has issued a minute (M14) providing an updated schedule of expert conferencing. The minute can be viewed below:

10 September 2014

DMC acceptance of amended evidence

The DMC has issued a minute regarding the late filing of Dr Hermanspahn’s amended evidence. The DMC minute can be viewed here:

5 September 2014

DMC responds to CRP request

The DMC has issued a minute in response to CRP’s memorandum of Counsel that requested that the DMC withdraw the EPA staff report and has no regard to the report in its deliberations. The DMC minute and a copy of the letter written by the EPA to CRP in relation to CRP’s request can be viewed here:

CRP’s memorandum of Counsel can be viewed here:

Update 3 September 2014

Further information response

CRP provided a response on 2 September 2014 to the EPA's request for further information.

It has now responded to all the requests to date from the EPA and the DMC for further information.

Update 29 August 2014

Applicant’s evidence received

The evidence provided by various parties contributes to the decision-making process. CRP's evidence was received by the EPA on 29 August 2014. Evidence from other parties is due to be received on 12 September.

Further information responses

CRP provided further responses on 28 and 29 August 2014 to the DMC and EPA's requests for further information.

Update 28 August 2014

Notice of hearings and further information response

The DMC has issued a minute providing notice of the hearings scheduled for Wellington, the Chatham Islands, and Hamilton.  This minute can be viewed here:

CRP provided two further responses on 27 August 2014 to the DMC's request for further information.

Update - 25 August 2014

Details on expert conference and pre-hearing meeting

The DMC has issued two minutes (M9 and M10) providing further details on expert conferencing and the pre-hearing meeting. The minutes can be viewed below.

Hearing Procedures

The Hearing Procedures outline the rules, key dates and timeframe by which the hearing will run.

The application

Learn more about CRP's application for a marine consent and view the application documents.

Submissions received

See the submissions received on the CRP proposal.

Reports and advice

Read the reports and advice provided to the EPA about CRP’s marine consent application.


See the evidence provided in relation to the CRP application.

The hearing

Find out more about the procedures and timelines for the CRP application.

Decision-making Committee

The EPA Board appointed a Decision-making Committee to decide whether or not to grant the application.

Previous updates

View the previous updates on the CRP marine consent application here.

Contact us

Key contacts at the EPA for the Chatham Rock Phosphate application.

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