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Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd: Application for marine consent

Chatham Rock Phosphate - image of minerals and rocks.


Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd (CRP) is proposing to mine phosphate nodules from the Chatham Rise, initially within an 820 sq. km area for which it has a mining permit. In the future, mining may also occur in a wider 5,207 sq. km area, dependent on monitoring results and environmental investigations. CRP is seeking a marine consent from the EPA in relation to the wider area (5,207 sq. km). CRP proposes to mine at least 30 sq. km of seabed per annum to meet its annual minimum production target of 1.5 million tonnes of phosphate nodules.

Hearing schedule

The hearing began on 25 September 2014. Find out more at the links below. 

Latest updates

31 October 2014

Memoranda of Counsel

The DMC received two Memoranda of Counsel (MoC) from KASM, DSCC, and Greenpeace. You can view the MoC using the link below. 

30 October 2014

Hearing adjourned until 3 November

The sitting of the hearing in Hamilton has been completed. The hearing will reconvene in Wellington at 2pm on 3 November.

29 October 2014

Questions on EPA staff reports

The EPA has received all notices to question the EPA. You can view the question topics using the link below. 

28 October 2014

Joint witness statement

The EPA has received the joint witness statement from the second expert conference regarding conditions. You can view the supplementary statement using the link below.

24 October 2014

Supplementary Evidence

The EPA has received supplementary evidence from Elizabeth Fulton on ecosystem effects. You can view the evidence using the link below.

22 October 2014

Supplementary EPA staff report issued

The Decision-making Committee (DMC) commissioned the EPA staff to prepare a supplementary staff report. The purpose of this report is to provide the DMC with an assessment of the application following consideration of additional material provided by CRP after the EPA’s August 2014 staff report, but prior to the start of the hearing on 25 September (apart from some joint witness statements which were tabled at the hearing). The report does not include a conclusion or recommendation on whether the application should be granted. 

Note: The report is not the decision on the application. It is an input into the DMC decision-making process.

Questioning of EPA at hearing

The DMC has stated that any party to the process that wants to question the EPA may do so. The EPA is scheduled to appear on 3 November 2014 to answer relevant questions on the staff reports. 

Hearing Procedures

The Hearing Procedures outline the rules, key dates and timeframe by which the hearing will run.

The hearing

Find out more about the procedures and timelines for the CRP application.


See the evidence provided in relation to the CRP application.

Decision-making Committee

The EPA Board appointed a Decision-making Committee to decide whether or not to grant the application.

Reports and advice

Read the reports and advice provided to the EPA about CRP’s marine consent application.

Submissions received

See the submissions received on the CRP proposal.

The application

Learn more about CRP's application for a marine consent and view the application documents.

Previous updates

View the previous updates on the CRP marine consent application here.

Contact us

Key contacts at the EPA for the Chatham Rock Phosphate application.

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