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The Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf

New Zealand has one of the largest exclusive economic zones in the world. It is an area of ocean 20 times the size of our land mass. The EPA is responsible for managing the effects of specified restricted activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf.

About the EEZ
EEZ map. Used with permission of Land Information New Zealand.

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EEZ map, used with permission of Land Information New Zealand.

About the EEZ

About the EEZ Act, the EPA's role, other marine management regimes, making objections, cost recovery policy, EEZ decision-makers.

Find out what's going on

Find out what is going on

Find out about current marine consents and permitted activities in the EEZ.

Undertake an activity

Undertake an activity

Find out about the different activities you can undertake in the EEZ, including discharge and dumping.

EEZ activities

Applications for EEZ activities

Read about applications for restricted EEZ activities including current and previous marine consent applications and rulings requests.

Image of people putting their hands up - hands raised in the air.

Having your say about activity in the EEZ

Anyone can make a submission on a publicly notified application for a marine consent.

Have a look at previous activities

Have a look at previous activities

Read about activities that have been undertaken in the EEZ.

Map of New Zealand's territorial waters.

Who does what in NZ's offshore waters

Learn how government agencies and regional councils manage oil, gas and mineral exploration and production in NZ waters.

Contact us

Contact us

Contact details for all the different EEZ activities permitted activities seismic surveys general enquiries marine consents

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